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Look what is in town.009.JPG  Anita stopped in and this was sitting on the sales floor. Only here for a few days if you're interested in viewing.

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Got here Wednesday end of the day and will probably be gone by Monday evening.

F3 Showroom Pic.jpg

Purple Guy

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Just might have to take a trip out to the westend to have a peek!

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Make sure you Ryde your SpYder to do that, eh? Hahaha
I did, and it felt darn chilly.. Yup, it's December, & I'm still Ryding my RS-S.

I was planning on storing my SpYder for the winter, and even poured some fuel stabilizer in the tank when I topped it off,
Ah but I eventually decided to just stick it out. The winter that is, and it's been pretty good so far.
I enjoyed a great ryde today, doing some last minute shopping and picking up a few groceries I needed..
While out on the rode yesterday, I visited Kim at Martin Motor Sports South. last time before that, was ryding on Fri Dec. 12.
That's the day I rode out to Martin Motor Sports West, and saw the new F3, 1st time~up close and personal. ;-)
I was actually only there to say hi to friend, Courtney. The F3 was just there, so we met. Very nice... We shall See it again in January.

Puzzled, I don't see many/any of you other Edmontonian SpYder RYders out on the cold streets? How come, aren't you from here...
Can't handle the frost eh? Hahaha anyways, if the roads are dry, and it's near zero*, I will ryde.
I figure with warmer gloves and a full face helmet, I would be just about right. Better to be tough though and just deal with it.
The second last stop is always the carwash ~ home.

Hope to see All you folks at the MotorCycle Show in January. & really Wish that it's warm enough to RYDE... ;-)

Oh by the way, I may have a very cool surprise with me. A Voztec helmet... If Mark can only get it to me here in Canada, in time.
If so, I will be at the bike show, all three days.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year all.


2013 Can Am Spyder Roadster
Neutron Green Metallic / Satin Black
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