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For the last while I thought there was something wrong with my bike because one earphone was louder than the other. I even had someone else try it to be certain I wasn't partially deaf in my left ear. He said the same thing. One side is louder than the other. Then yesterday I turned my helmet to the side just a bit when taking it off and for a second there the left earphone was a little louder. It really grabbed my attention since I'm so used to it being softer. Since I wanted to shower up after the ride I left it till this a.m. Went out to the garage, picked up my helmet and sure enough there was a little difference between the left and right side position. I moved the left speaker to the same place in the helmet speaker hole as the right one was, put on my helmet and turned on the radio and sure enough, both sides were balanced! I had pointed my finger at every possible cause (mostly at the bike) and missed the simplest cause of all. Now I'm happy. So whether you have the same set up as mine with the CB and the wired headset or bluetooth, if the sound isn't balanced check those speakers. But then again maybe you thought of that long ago.
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